Small Scale Wave Energy Converter For Remote Offshore Local Grid Installations.

MANTA is a wave energy converter specifically designed for remote grid installations, which includes offshore fish farms and remote coastal communities. In all cases, MANTA charges battery banks, which operators can use to power a variety of applications, including computers, lights, communication systems, sensors, and desalination units.

Survivability is at the heart of MANTA, and as such, automatic load shedding is built into the operating principle. The ability to dissipate load, while continuing to generate power, ensures that the system can continue to reliably power connected applications, in extreme wave scenarios.


  • Direct drive custom generator.
  • Automatic load shedding capability.
  • No shaft seals, gearbox, or oil.
  • High power to weight ratio.
  • Low wave height power delivery.
  • Simple, scalable, and robust design.
  • Low cost serviceable components.
  • No specialist tools for maintenance.
  • Standard vessels for deployment.
  • Submerged beneath the waves.
  • Power curve load latching ability.
  • Minimum 15 year design life.
  • Worldwide shipping, via containers.
  • Site specific customization possible.

Basic Specification Details

  • Installed capacity: 4.6kW
  • Dry mass: 615kG
  • Height: 2950mm
  • Width: 1900mm
  • Depth: 550mm

Deployment Opportunities

MANTA is suitable for deployment in existing and new projects, in a variety of market sectors. Further information on the MANTA system can be found by emailing