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GQ spoke to some of the most influential men of our age and asked each a simple question: you’ve dominated the last 25 years, but which young men are going to dominate the next 25?

“For a young inventor, I would select Sam Etherington, 23, who has created an energy-harvesting system that has the ability to harness wave power from any direction – not just the waves that come in perpendicularly to the coast. The brightest ideas aren’t always the most glamorous, but they promise to change lives along the way.”

Sir James Dyson, 2013

“He uses wit and engineering to tackle a global problem with a global resource – wave energy.”

Sir Kenneth Grange, 2013

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Discover wave power and how Aqua Power Technologies wave energy convertor is reducing carbon output within energy generation.

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Converter Design Released

The device is a semi-submersible multi axis wave energy converter designed to absorb forces from the peaks and troughs of the waves in any given direction, according to Aqua Power Technologies. Read...

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