A Global GPS Asset Tracker Using Satellite And 2G Cell Networks.


AQUATRACK Pro is a GPS tracking device, which possess both cell and satellite communication, therefore ensuring that assets can be tracked at all times, anywhere in the world.

AQUATRACK Pro features 3 dedicated SMA ports for GPS, cell, and satellite antennas to ensure that a network connection can be made. In addition, AQUATRACK Pro will accept input voltages from 2-16v via a dedicated power port. To ensure a continuous powered operation, an inbuilt 5000mah Lipo battery ensures that short-term intermittent lapses from external power supplies do not affect the real-time tracking of assets.

AQUATRACK Pro is a simple, capable, and robust solution to obtain the location of assets anywhere in the world at any time. In combination with AQUASTAT IoT, there are plenty of options for alerts, monitoring, and logging.


  • Uses 2G and Satellite networks.
  • Up to 22 tracking satellites.
  • 48 hour battery life.
  • Selectable update frequency.
  • Two RGB status LED’s.
  • 3 meter GPS position accuracy.
  • 298 grams (excluding antenna)
  • Rechargeable via power port.
  • Compatible with AQUASTAT IoT.


Basic Specification Details

  • Mass In Air: 298 Grams
  • Dimensions: 96.5mm x 84mm x 36.5mm

Build Options

  • Subscription to AQUASTAT IoT.
  • 2G sim card contract.
  • Satellite line rental and credits.