A Lightweight, Small Scale, And Low Cost Wave Data Buoy.


AQUANODE is a small scale, lightweight, and low cost industrial wave data buoy. A high-sampling frequency enables accurate wave data measurements, while the option for cell and satellite communication ensures long range transmission anywhere in the world. AQUANODE’s foam-filled, high density polyethylene hull, and hermetically sealed electronics pod, provide a durable solution to capturing wave data in harsh conditions.

AQUANODE is supplied as a complete system inclusive of buoy, electronics pod, mooring line, mooring hardware, and counterweight. In addition, the concrete block for mooring AQUANODE can be cast using the plywood packaging in which AQUANODE is delivered, therefore providing an all-in-one solution.

Wave data captured by AQUANODE is transmitted by either local cell or satellite networks to AQUASTAT IoT, where multiple users can login to their web-based account and view the wave data in real-time. Alerts, GPS geofences, and automated messaging can all be configured using the AQUASTAT IoT web platform, providing users with a versatile and low cost solution to capture and analyse wave data.


  • Small, lightweight, and low cost.
  • Cell or satellite transmission.
  • Compatible with Aquastat IoT.
  • High energy density battery pack.
  • 10Hz sampling frequency.
  • GPS tracking and geofencing.
  • Internal SD card logger.
  • Inclusive of mooring system.
  • Measures wave height and period.*

*Additional functionality such as wave direction will be added in future software updates.

Basic Specification Details

  • Mass In Air: 22kg
  • Dimensions: 650 x 330mm

Build Options

  • Subscription to AQUASTAT IoT.
  • 2G sim card contract.
  • Satellite line rental and credits.