Heave Plate

A Heave Plate Capable Of Automatically Shedding Load In Extreme Wave Scenarios.

Heave Plate

Aqua Power Technologies originally developed the load-shedding heave plate with point absorbing wave energy converters in mind. The heave plate has the ability to automatically deform in extreme wave scenarios, which significantly reduces drag-loading and aids in the survivability of the point absorber.

Compared to the seabed reference system for a point absorber, the dynamic damping of the heave-plate removes the shock loading witnessed in extreme waves and provides a taught and centrally aligned point of reference in varying tidal heights.

Licensing Opportunities

Due to the increasing development activity within the point absorber sector, Aqua Power Technologies is offering licensing opportunities on the heave plate, because of the the survivability and performance benefits associated with the technology.

If this opportunity is of interest, please contact Aqua Power Technologies founder Samuel Etherington via email on s.etherington@aquapowertech.com