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The knowledge base provides an overview to the key areas for Aqua Power Technologies. Select a topic from the knowledge base to find out more about Aqua Power Technologies wave energy convertor design, incorporated technology, performance and proposed sites. If the information you are searching for is not in any of the topic areas, please use the contact form to request the information required. Requesting information outside of the sites topics covered may require non disclosure agreements to be exchanged due to information sensitivity and development security.

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The west coast of Scotland is home to some of the most powerful and consistent wave generating potential in the world. Despite 11,800Km of coastline and the possibility to produce between 40-70KWh per meter, we do not currently use even 1% of this free powerful resource, yet we continue to develop fossil fuel power stations…

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Aqua Power Technology aims to help reduce the number of homes and businesses being powered by fossil fuel power stations and non renewable means of energy production. It is clear that carbon levels are rising and renewable forms of energy must account for a larger proportion of energy production if the levels are to subside…

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Aqua Power Technologies wave device is a semi-submersible multi axis wave energy converter, specifically designed to generate in ocean waves. The design has the unique ability to absorb forces from the peaks and troughs of the waves in any given direction. The multi axis structure’s test results highlighted the increased potential…

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It is a well known fact that in the coming years, the population will consume more energy and current energy services do not have the capacity to fulfill the need. It is also key that more energy has to be generated using renewable methods. With regards to the end customer, Aqua Power Technologies has the potential technology…

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