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Knowledge Transfer Partnerships And Available Careers At Aqua Power Technologies

Knowledge Transfer Partnership

Aqua Power Technologies offers the opportunity to form a relationship with an academic institution, which facilitates the transfer of knowledge, technology and skills. Each partnership undertaken allows Aqua Power Technologies to employ one or more recently qualified associates to work on a project of strategic importance, whilst also being supervised by the university.

Knowledge Transfer Partnerships help enhance career prospects for by providing the opportunity to manage a challenging project central to a company’s strategic development and long-term growth.

According to figures, recently qualified people benefit from:

  • A competitive salary
  • A fully funded professional management qualification
  • The opportunity to make an impact on a business from day-one
  • 75% are offered employment by host company

If there is an area within Aqua Power Technologies that you would like to undertake a Knowledge Transfer Partnership, please get in contact using the details displayed on the contact page. Equally, there are a number of development areas where Knowledge Transfer Partnerships are required. To view the comprehensive list of Knowledge Transfer Partnership development areas within Aqua Power Technologies,please get in contact using the details displayed on the contact page.




At present Aqua Power Technologies has no vacancies.